Thursday, February 15, 2018

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Being a Lawyer has been a Privilege ... An Inspiring story of Devangi Mehta

Me Advocate Devangi Bharat Mehta am working along with my father who is a renowned lawyer has been a Govt. Pleader and Public Prosecutor for years now. He has an experience of around 45 years in the Law profession with all kinds of work and clients from all domains.

I have been actively studying law past 4 years now and attending courts past 6 months now.

I have known ... how people feel when they approach courts ....
how courts function with all kinds of available solutions available. 

I would be happy to help in return of professional fees for all these solutions.
which are legal systems to building more trust in relationships ... personal as well as professional✌

I can be contacted at ...

Monday, January 16, 2017

Why I became Yoga Teacher?

Article By: Dr. Jayshree Yeshwante

As a child, I used to see lot of grown up people suffering from physical and mental illness. And I start wondering what can be preventive solutions for long term positive effects.

And the answer was - YOGA

It is my heart’s desire to teach deeply connected, empowering and inspirational yoga, to promote and facilitate self-love, awareness, healing and open-heartedness, and to effectively train others to do the same. I want to spread the message that transformation is possible for everyone who wants it - and even those who doubt themselves. To share my experience of healing with the people who begin to realise everything they thought they wanted is perhaps not what they needed after all. The ones who have secret desires to change career and change their world but feel trapped, the ones whose spirit is calling them to transform their lives. There is a global movement of awakening, healing and transformation happening - it is spreading like wildfire, and I am honoured to be part of it.

And, I became YOGA teacher.

My Background:

- Graduate bcom Sndt 1995
- Bachelor in yoga and naturpathy science
- Certificate course in yogic science
- Worked in back office at Citibank / Icici bank
- Worked as personal trainer in ZAF gym / Juhu gym
- Did Event management course
- Have 2nd degree black belt
- Juhu Gymphana personal trainer
- Certificate course in accupressure  
-  sujok accupuncture
- National level karate tournament 2nd rank
- Teaching martial arts in dadar and scruz
Some of my specialization
specializing in power yoga ( weight loss )
therapy yoga for various disease
mudra therapy ( drugless painless )

Job vacancies:

Freshers and trainees, now you can join and make career as therpist in:

- All sujok, tri - origin sujok.
- Smile Mudra and six key therapist.
- Accupressure and Accupunture therapist.
- Massage therapist.
- Taekwondo Martial Arts Trainer.
- Qi Gong Trainer.
- Business Development officer

Part time, Full time and freelancers are welcome

For appointment and interview contact Dr. Jayshree on 8419995277
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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Budhi Prakash Thakur

Where there is will, there is a way.

Budhi Prakash Thakur from Khakhnal, a small, beautiful village nestled in the mountains of Himachal Pradesh’s Kullu district. His father was a farmer. Budhi Prakash did his schooling in government schools, and at the same time helped his family in various farming activities.

After finishing his schooling, Budhi Prakash went to Chandigarh to do his intermediate education. He studied in DAV school but never lost an opportunity to visit his village and help his father. Budhi Prakash, who believes that his father’s struggles were much larger than his own.

From a very young age, Budhi Prakash was his father’s right hand in supporting the family. When he was just a teenager he helped his father start growing apples. This decision eased the family’s financial troubles. He was in his second year in college when he decided to quit regular studies to join the family in starting a homestay in their village.
Investing the money that came from the farmland, Budhi Prakash and his father built a small five-room property for tourists seeking budget accommodation near Manali. Within just six years, the homestay grew into a popular resort, named Sarthak Resorts, which today has 65 rooms. This success completely transformed the fortunes of the family.
During his days of education, Budhi Prakash had also observed the zeal among tourists for his home state. He wanted to start a resort in his village, which was just 9km from Manali, where tourists flocked in increasing numbers with each passing year. In 1996, after several years of planning and pooling resources, Budhi Prakash laid the foundation for Sarthak Resorts in his village.
Budhi Prakash soon started an air-travel service called AirHimalayas under the company Himachal Holidays. However, he soon met with closed doors as no aviation company was willing to partner with a newbie. Budhi Prakash didn’t give up and finally partnered up with the Bengaluru-based aviation company Deccan Charters to start its services in the region.
On April 2, 2014, when their first aircraft took flight, it was also the first time a private company flew a business class chartered aircraft service in Himachal Pradesh. That was a day of tremendous joy for Budhi Prakash, he happily recalls.

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Agni 5 Missile : 10 things interesting stuff.

Source: News18
New Delhi
Surface-to-surface nuclear capable ballistic missile Agni-5 is capable of reaching the northern parts of China.
Agni-5 is the most advanced missiles of the series having some new technologies incorporated with it in terms of navigation and guidance, warhead and engine.
Here are 10 things to know about the missile:
- The long range inter-continental guided ballistic missile can carry nuclear warhead.
- This is the fourth and final test launch of Agni-5 missile.
- India becomes 5th nation in world to have a 5,000 km range missile like Agni-5.
- The missile has been developed by the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) of the country.
For Full Article >>>  Agni 5

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Power of Subconcious Mind

One of the most widely acclaimed self-help books ever written, THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND has helped over one million people around the world achieve amazing goals simply by changing the way they think. Dr Murphy's revolutionary mind-focusing techniques are based upon a proven and entirely practical principle: if you believe in something without reservation and picture it in your mind, you remove the subconscious obstacles that prevent you from achieving that end result, and your belief becomes a reality. Packed with case studies of actual success stories, this guide to unleashing your mental powers gives you practical guidelines for gaining promotions and prestige, amassing wealth, creating harmonious friendships, strengthening the bonds of a loving marriage, conquering phobias, banishing bad habits, enjoying refreshing sleep, and even healing minor health ailments. Master the simple techniques in THE POWER OF YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND and discover how simple it can be to remove the mental blocks that stand between you and your goals.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How To Become A Writer ?

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I’ve been writing 500 words a day almost every day for last 3 years. That’s the most important tip of all—to be a writer, is to start writing. You’ll develop a lot of things along the way.

But for all of you ambitious people out there, here are some other ideas which may help you

Stay Focussed.This is how you apply it. Give people the concept and then tell them more about how they can use it. Inspiration is fun and meaningful; and that's how I started writing my first book ( THINK LIKE A WINNER )

Talk to audience. Just don't write. Talk to audience. Tell them something interesting. People love to listen to stories. Tell them some interesting stories which will impact their lives. 

Write for a niche. I try to visualize about the readers when I start writing. They’re all different, but I try to picture them and think, what would so-and-so think of this? Would they get it? Will they find it interesting?

Read everything aloud. There’s something about hearing your work aloud that causes you to notice things you miss when you read. I use to read  the entire manuscript of my second book LIVE YOUR DREAMS  out loud over the course of a week (1-2 chapters a day). I couldn’t believe how many mistakes and poor word choices I found! Keep in mind this was after I had been writing the book for about eight months, and after three edits. It was depressing… but hopefully now it’s better because I did it.

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Monday, November 7, 2016


Life at THINQBate 

07 Nov 2016 ( Monday ) - I had a meeting with a startup TALEHO at Marwah House, Andheri sharp at 2pm.

And I thought it would be yet another startup, but when I entered THINQBate office, I was pleasantly surprised and felt like entering a college campus. The energy and vibrancy of startup ecosystem was there in the air.

And then I was greeted by Prajakta, a dynamic smart looking content manager of TALEHO. After having a glass of water and some nice smelling coffee, we finally settled for business discussion.

I was scheduled to meet Sandeep, one of founders of TALEHO and at last moment met Nikesh, another founder of TALEHO. And I realized, nothing is certain in startup. I was supposed to meet Sandeep and ended up meeting Nikesh, Prajakta and Omkar.

With Omkar, Prajakta and Nikesh ( TALEHO Team )

Sandip and Nikesh are ex-bankers and along with Anuj and Akash ( Builders ), they have formed a startup named ( ) in real estate space.

TALEHO makes home buying simple, safe and secure. Do visit their website

As, I was curious about THINQBATE, I then met Pratibha Jeyaraj, a talented smart communication and content associate of THINQBATE. She explained to me the concept of THINQBATE and how it works. How startup incubators support new ventures. Currently there are 6 startups under one single roof.

With Pratibha and team ( THINQBATE)

With such smart startup incubators, energetic entrepreneurs with focus and enthusiasm, I am sure by 2020, India will be one of the role models in startup ecosystem. And Yes, we will have some exciting career openings in these startups.

I wish all the best for every startup entrepreneurs.

Best Wishes,

Sudhir Pai
Author - Think Like A Winner.

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