Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Human Mind - Evolution

How did life appear in matter? How does an organism consisting only of matter produce consciousness? The mind-body problem remains vividly discussed though unexplained, and the present gross materialistic stance of neurobiology, that all is matter and that consequently life and consciousness are (epi)phenomena of matter, raises more questions than it answers.
The universal scheme behind terrestrial evolution may, in Sri Aurobindo's view, be outlined as follows. There is the silent Brahmn, the Ineffable, which can only be known by the highest spiritual experience. One and the same is the active Brahmn which manifests its inexhaustible infinity in endless time and timelessness. Manifestation has been and will be always at the top of gradations of eternal manifestation in the worlds of the three ultimate attributes of the One: sat or existence, chit or consciousness, ananda or bliss. 

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