Monday, November 11, 2013

Zomato enters 1000 crore club

From Economic Times

On the morning of 29 October, from about 9 am, Deepinder Goyal sat outside the labour ward in the corridors of the Max Hospital in Gurgaon, signing on dotted lines that his lawyers pointed him to. His wife went into early labour the previous night and they had driven to the hospital. But he couldn't avoid work. His company was closing a new round of funding and as CEO and founder, his signatures couldn't be done without. So he had asked his colleagues to come to the hospital. By 10:30 am, his undivided attention was called for inside as his wife went into labour. At 11:50 am, the 30-yearold engineer held his firstborn child - Siara, a baby girl - in his arms. At half past noon, he stepped out and turned his mobile phone back on.

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