Sunday, May 24, 2015

Start Business with small capital

by Monica Sanders  ( Legal Zoom )
It's Monday morning, six a.m. and your alarm is buzzing. You're thinking: "Goodbye sleep and hello harsh reality." Another workweek has begun. You hit the snooze button at least two or three times, rush through your morning dress ritual, and then tear out of the door to a job you can't stand. As always, you briefly toy with the idea of becoming your own boss. Is it possible? You assess your situation and remind yourself that while you dream rich, you live cash poor. A steady paycheck is what gets you out of bed every morning, and the fear of not having one is what keeps you locked into the daily grind.
But here's the thing—lacking startup capital shouldn't keep you from striking out on your own. Not when there are a number of businesses that require little or no upfront, out-of-pocket expenses. Continue reading to find out how to start a business with no money
Turning a favorite hobby into a day job
Many of these startups are created by people who turn their favorite hobbies into jobs. "Karen Holly" Jewelry, for example, was started by two network television employees who loved making jewelry in their spare time. The women made necklaces and bracelets in their home and sold them to co-workers. Now their creations are sold to upscale clients in Atlanta area salons and boutiques.
Do you like shopping and running errands? You might want to consider starting a personal assistant business. You can use your spare time to run errands, set up schedules and do other "favors" for busy professionals. When you want to expand, simply dedicate a bit more time to your enterprise or recruit others to become employees.
From Hollywood Elite to the busy executives in your neighborhood, personal assistants can make a pretty penny playing "gopher". Commanding any where from $15 to $30 an hour, it can be a pretty lucrative business. And it tops the list as one of the easiest ways to earn money without having to put out a dime. Other than the small amount of money it would take to incorporate or form an LLC, there is only one big expense—gas for your vehicle.

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