Thursday, June 25, 2015

Story of Motivational Trainer

Prashant Sawant is a consummate success coach, an mesmerizing speaker and mentor, and an inspiring source of wisdom for the world at large about living the best life. For more than 25 years, Prashant has been training and coaching entrepreneurs, educators, corporate leaders, and people from all walks of life (and of all ages, cultures and backgrounds) how to create the life and results they desire - and he can do the same for you. Living according to his Success Principles has brought happiness, health, and wealth to people across India .It doesn't matter if your goals are to be the top sales person in your company, become a leading architect, lose weight, become a better parent, increase confidence, buy your dream home Prashant can help you develop a clear, personal plan of action that will completely transform your life into exactly what you want it to be.

His Childhood :
He shares his childhood days, how he was raised in middle class family of Mumbai. Losing his father at age 6 and family undergoing financial struggles. His family had simple needs and laughed a lot. He says when you have so little, anything you have brings happiness. A beautiful reminder for all to make best use of limited resources which later shaped up Prashant’s philosophy of aggression and innovation.

Celebrating Life :

After completing his B.E. Electronics and working with reputed companies like Godrej, Aviva and Metlife and across globe at Singapore, Dubai & Muscat, Prashant finally returned back to his passion training and motivating people from all walks of life.

In 2012 he started his own training firm by name of Global Training Group.

GTG is in the business of providing solutions to Entrepreneur, Employees & Professionals across all evolution phases of their business growth cycle. This is accomplished via providing Education, Training, Coaching, Mentoring, Motivational speeches and related merchandise. GTG has glorious history & proven credentials of many years in training and inspiring over 2000 participants across a vast spectrum of industries (Financial services like banking, Insurance, telecom, diamond polishing , Service etc to name few) and create success stories.

Prashant is conducting *Power of Failure* worshop on 3rd July ( Friday ) from 6-9 pm at Dadar Mumbai. To know more contact us on 9820073993.

To book Prashant Sawant for Training Program Contact Us on 9820073993 


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