Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Great Indian Dream

As I woke up today early at 4am to prepare for my seminar, I could see my 3.5 year son sleeping peacefully besides me. Like any other Indian father, first question came across my mind. What is future of my son in India ?

India is at crossroads today. As a trainer, I keep visiting corporates, school, colleges to conduct motivational seminars. We have finest and brightest students who are working very hard day and night to achieve their dreams in life.I think it's time for leaders from all walks of life ( business / spiritual / political ) to come together and affirm the greatness of India. To achieve *The Great Indian Dream*

A dream where our children are safe and secured. A dream where we can express ourselves freely. A dream where we can approach anyone & ask for help without giving bribe.

It's time to re-affirm Indian values, ethics and commitment to build a great nation.
I would like to meet people from all walks of life to build a peaceful India. A peaceful & progressive world. Feel free to call me / sms me on 9820073993

Sudhir Pai
Author - Think Like Winner

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