Sunday, September 18, 2016

Radio Queen Mallishka !

Source : Your Story
Writer  : Preeti Chamikutty

Her effervescent voice wakes up Mumbai every morning. Meet RJ Malishka or Malishka as she prefers to be addressed. Her show Morning No.1 on Red FM is an addiction for many in Mumbai. Malishka has been an RJ for eight years and says she has enjoyed every bit of her time on air.

In a brief chat, Malishka speaks about the power she yields over the city of Mumbai and her thoughts on entrepreneurship. She is as friendly and talkative in real life as she is on air.

Young and confused

The elder of two sisters, Malishka says she remembers having a lot of fun in childhood. “I always wanted to be on stage. So I would round up the neighbourhood children, we would dress up and perform skits or sing songs. In school I would wait for Children’s Day or Teacher’s Day to be on stage. Though I can’t say I was very confident back then, but yes I did not suffer from stage fright,” she confides.

Malishka had decided to be in the media very early in life. She was open to being an actor, performer or a journalist. “I don’t think this decision came from smartness, it was plain panic,” says Malishka candidly. She lost her father very early and being the eldest child the sense of responsibility hit her early. She worked as an intern with ad maker Prahlad Kakkar while she was in college, but once her internship ended she was not sure which way to go.

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