Monday, January 16, 2017

Why I became Yoga Teacher?

Article By: Dr. Jayshree Yeshwante

As a child, I used to see lot of grown up people suffering from physical and mental illness. And I start wondering what can be preventive solutions for long term positive effects.

And the answer was - YOGA

It is my heart’s desire to teach deeply connected, empowering and inspirational yoga, to promote and facilitate self-love, awareness, healing and open-heartedness, and to effectively train others to do the same. I want to spread the message that transformation is possible for everyone who wants it - and even those who doubt themselves. To share my experience of healing with the people who begin to realise everything they thought they wanted is perhaps not what they needed after all. The ones who have secret desires to change career and change their world but feel trapped, the ones whose spirit is calling them to transform their lives. There is a global movement of awakening, healing and transformation happening - it is spreading like wildfire, and I am honoured to be part of it.

And, I became YOGA teacher.

My Background:

- Graduate bcom Sndt 1995
- Bachelor in yoga and naturpathy science
- Certificate course in yogic science
- Worked in back office at Citibank / Icici bank
- Worked as personal trainer in ZAF gym / Juhu gym
- Did Event management course
- Have 2nd degree black belt
- Juhu Gymphana personal trainer
- Certificate course in accupressure  
-  sujok accupuncture
- National level karate tournament 2nd rank
- Teaching martial arts in dadar and scruz
Some of my specialization
specializing in power yoga ( weight loss )
therapy yoga for various disease
mudra therapy ( drugless painless )

Job vacancies:

Freshers and trainees, now you can join and make career as therpist in:

- All sujok, tri - origin sujok.
- Smile Mudra and six key therapist.
- Accupressure and Accupunture therapist.
- Massage therapist.
- Taekwondo Martial Arts Trainer.
- Qi Gong Trainer.
- Business Development officer

Part time, Full time and freelancers are welcome

For appointment and interview contact Dr. Jayshree on 8419995277
To brand your product / services please contact Team Speaking Pages on 9820073993

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