Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dhoom 3 - Prestigious Let Down

Review by Nived Nambiar

Film :Dhoom 3
Cast :Aamir Khan, Katrina Kaif, AbhishekBachchan, Uday Chopra, Jackie Shroff &Siddharth Nigam.
Director : Vijay Krishna Acharya
Producer : Aditya Chopra [Yash Raj Films]
Music :Pritam

Verdict : ** [Average]

Set in the Windy city of Chicago, Sahir [Played by Aamir Khan] is a gifted magician who runs an Indian Circus and is surrounded with good amount of popularity. But there is a secret which none are aware of, He isnicely using his skill to rob a bank that compelled his father [Played by Jackie Shroff] to commit Suicide many years back. Mumbai based cops Jai Dixit and motor-mouth Ali [Played by AbhishekBachchan&Uday Chopra respectively] are summoned by  Chicago cops and SWAT agents to crack the case and catch hold of the robber so Sahir is making sure to stay out the cop’s touch to avenge his plan.

Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, Dhoom 3 shamelessly borrows the basic plot from Christopher Nolan’s groundbreaking magical film ‘The Prestige’. Unlike the original, Dhoom 3 is packed with unnecessary melodrama, It lacks the surpriseand is entirely predictable that you do not usually expect and associate with Films like this. From the second half, we are spoonfed by the details of the thief as for what’s the reason behind his actions for robinga bank. Sadly, the revenge backstory is intensely dreary and seldom makes sense, Why on earth would someone set vendetta against a bank just because they are refrained from monetary support??

The film is packed with few high-Octane actions with guys riding the transformer devised bikes across the streets of Chicago. Adding to cat-and-mouse chase cocktail is the entry of flexibly-gymnasticAaliya [Played by Katrina Kaif]to be the part of circus act and later turns out to be the sole barrier derailing the scheme set by Sahir.

The one of the chief reason Dhoom 3 doesn’t work is none other than AAMIR KHAN. Does he hold the film with his scorching screen presence, Yes he does it ! But the character written is so one dimensional, he ends up hamming and doesn’t hit the right note, What’s more, director focuses more on his bare back & sculpted physic. It is heart-breaking for me to say this as I am myself a huge admirer of the actor and I can’t help myself but say such a terrific actor appears uncomfortable in this melodramatic role.

ABHISHEK BACHCHAN &UDAY CHOPRA reprises their role and surprisingly it is Chopra who brings much required humor in this dull proceeding. KATRINA KAIF is voluptuous and strictly hired to only look good and sizzle in two song sequences, She isn’t given a proper role to explore her acting chops as the actresses got in the previous installements. JACKIE SHROFF is seen in a cameo yet he expresses his grief within his eye that’s very commendable.

Dhoom 3 is superbly shot and has some good soundtracks by Pritam [My favorite happens to be Malang and It is indeed choreographed and captured breathelessly] Alas ! Wish it had more thrills and the script could’ve been written more inventively because the film fails in delivering a solid entertainment.

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