Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Angel's Love ( Author - Nived Nambiar )

I love to Travel a lot with companions or alone [as long as I am happy being self-content :D :P], It gets better if it’s an extempore plan to explore the new and unknown territory. Today ,with a help of my close friend, I designed a plan to leave home with an intention to get in close with nature and re-connect to it’smagick. I had the privilege to witness the emerging sun diffusing it’s light to steer clear the foggy darkness that had enveloped the Vashi-Mankhurd Site and I was excited to see the Sun rising with pride.

We reached our destination to meet our Lovely, Colourful and vibrating sojourn i.e. ‘Siberian Flamingoes’. These Birds generally migrate from Russian Land to Rann of Kutch to shield itself from extreme frigidity, However as time goes, Kutch too goes down cold, leaving these exotic avian no option but to migrate to other regions. As a result, They end up inhabiting the Marshy slump of Sewri Region that helps in providing a good amount of food and favorable conditions to survive.

Unfortunately, Our efforts went in vain as none of our guest came up and made their presence feel as expected. They aren’t to blame, Perhaps we should have get our basic clear about the timings of their arrival :D :P

Amidst this pursuit of the avian, Me and my friend were approached by a simple 56-year old local uncle. He started the conversation by greeting us New Year Wishes which surprised us as he was new to us and hardly recognizable. He was as enthusiastic and sound as us for searching the Flamingoes.

The conversation got deeper as we started introducing ourself to him and honestly chatted a lot and vice-versa. What striked me a lot about him is ability to put faith on strangers. He had immense trust on usat first place within an hour and it was evident when he went ahead for sunrise meditation and placed his cellphone on our hands. It was heart-warming and scary at equal measures, We were perplexed to see such kind behavior and associating it with a scheming nature.

Thankfully, We were proved wrong. He was a gentleman, We were taken care by him amicably throughout our journey, He offered us the healthiest and best VadaPav ever made, The shop is very famous across Mumbai for being the only one stall to use cook stoves.

Respecting his privacy I would keep his identity a secret. Although I can say few things about him, He is government servent working as a peon in bank, He doesn’t have children so he finds solace in his niece. The man has such great knowledge about life that it was hard to digest that he isn’t much educated. He admires traveling to T and he was quite excited to share the happy news with us that he is about to visit Darjeeling for camp trekking. While departing back, We exchange our contacts with a promise to be in touch always. In the End, I discovered that He is in peace so much now, Very relax and doesn’t permit any sort of stress to baffle him. He must have gone through rough phases as every human do, only to come out more stronger, and more happier. He has accepted himself the way he is and doesn’t really pay any heed to what others opine about him.

Uncle was like a guiding angel sent by God for me, Never have I thought that ‘talking to a stranger would be such a healing’, It appeared as if everything was set in advance. All I have to do is Experience it first hand. I am indeed lucky to come across such wonderful souls who keeps inspiring me every moment.

Looking forward to meet new and more active souls 


  1. Wow buddy! Congrats on getting your blog published. I have become a fan or your writing! Will be following your blog from now on :) And yeah buddy there are so many such incidents that not many people notice. And its good you are so optimistic :) A very rare quality to find something positive in everything! You indeed are blessed! :)

  2. Congrats buddy...proud of u :)