Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Few days back, I watched newly released Hollywood movie based on life of great Indian mathematician - S. Ramanujan.
The most hard hitting dialogue of the film, I felt was when Ramanujan says - A mathematical equation is useless until it expresses divinity.
An unusual emotional bond between idol worshipper prodigy Ramanujan and atheist mentor G.H. Hardy gives an insight between two diagonally opposite full spectrum of human consciousness.
When Hardy asks Ramanujan how he is able to get those genius mathematical breakthroughs, he replies that Goddess Namagiri ( A form of Lakshmi ) whispers those formulaes in his dreams.
Intuition played huge role in Ramanujan's creative insights.
Ramanujan's work is of significant importance in getting insights into cutting edge modern research such as quantum physics, black holes and string theories.
Hat's off to this great mind who left his mortal body at young age of 32.
The man who knew infinity - A must watch movie.
- Sudhir Pai

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