Saturday, July 23, 2016

Meet the Man Who Single-Handedly Brought Digital Literacy to an Entire Telangana Village

Source : The Better India

Nivalkar Gajanan not only transformed his life by learning how to use a PC, but has also shared his digital knowledge to improve the livelihood of 160 farmers, women and children living in a remote Telangana hamlet.
A new dawn is breaking over the tiny, sleepy village of Akoli. The village is, at long last, becoming a part of India’s development story, having been recognized as a ‘100% Digitally Literate Village.’ And the man who has played a pivotal role in this digital transformation is 34 year-old Nivalkar Gajanan.
Through a vigorous 25-day computer literacy programme, the change that Gajanan has brought in Akoli, is evident in the lives of the local citizens. Ganitha, previously a farm labourer, is looking forward to her new career as a computer instructor. Dada Rao, who had only studied up to Class 12, has found employment beyond the narrow confines of the village. Rajkumar and Geeta, once economically vulnerable and unemployed, are now working as digital evangelists, spreading the message of computer literacy in villages across Telangana.
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