Saturday, July 23, 2016

Stay Motivated

So you’re reading some of my posts on how to achieve your goals, and how to save money or exercise or wake up early, and you’re wondering … who am I ?

I am an ordinary person who worked in reputed corporate companies and at some point in time experienced a burn out. So decided to become life coach and this is what I have done in last 3 years:

Wrote 2 books:

1) Think Like A Winner - A small book to inspire every person on this earth.
2) Live Your Dreams - Real life stories of 15 people who have achieved success from scratch without any support. 

Found 3 websites:

1) ( You are currently reading )

Corporate Seminars:

I conduct  seminars for small and big organisations and also conduct one on one counselling sessions. Some of topics are given below:
1) Time Management
2) Stress Management
3) Office Yoga
4) Meditation
5) Self-Healing
6) Sales
7) Branding
8) Team Building
9) Ethics and values
10) Parenting
And many more ...

My Videos ( Click Below ):

Sudhir Pai Videos

can be contacted on +91 9820073993 ( India )

Enjoy Speaking Pages

Best Wishes,

Sudhir Pai

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