Friday, October 7, 2016

A couple didn’t have money for their wedding cake. So they decided to cut bread-butter instead!

Source : India.Com
Writer : Rutu Ladage

India is perhaps the best example of how to mess up your life after a big, fat wedding. Indian weddings are full of extravagances and lavishness. Right from the bride’s lehenga to the food and drink, the venue, the need to prove to neighbours how “rich” we are – we have made a mockery of weddings. Often, we see parents of the bride taking large amounts as loans for the wedding just because they want to show the world how large-hearted they are. And then, after the wedding, go bankrupt or keep pulling their hair as to how to repay the amount. There’s also the question of dowry where the bride’s family often has to bend backwards to fulfil the groom’s demands.

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