Monday, November 7, 2016


Life at THINQBate 

07 Nov 2016 ( Monday ) - I had a meeting with a startup TALEHO at Marwah House, Andheri sharp at 2pm.

And I thought it would be yet another startup, but when I entered THINQBate office, I was pleasantly surprised and felt like entering a college campus. The energy and vibrancy of startup ecosystem was there in the air.

And then I was greeted by Prajakta, a dynamic smart looking content manager of TALEHO. After having a glass of water and some nice smelling coffee, we finally settled for business discussion.

I was scheduled to meet Sandeep, one of founders of TALEHO and at last moment met Nikesh, another founder of TALEHO. And I realized, nothing is certain in startup. I was supposed to meet Sandeep and ended up meeting Nikesh, Prajakta and Omkar.

With Omkar, Prajakta and Nikesh ( TALEHO Team )

Sandip and Nikesh are ex-bankers and along with Anuj and Akash ( Builders ), they have formed a startup named ( ) in real estate space.

TALEHO makes home buying simple, safe and secure. Do visit their website

As, I was curious about THINQBATE, I then met Pratibha Jeyaraj, a talented smart communication and content associate of THINQBATE. She explained to me the concept of THINQBATE and how it works. How startup incubators support new ventures. Currently there are 6 startups under one single roof.

With Pratibha and team ( THINQBATE)

With such smart startup incubators, energetic entrepreneurs with focus and enthusiasm, I am sure by 2020, India will be one of the role models in startup ecosystem. And Yes, we will have some exciting career openings in these startups.

I wish all the best for every startup entrepreneurs.

Best Wishes,

Sudhir Pai
Author - Think Like A Winner.

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